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During The 22Days Fasting And And Prayer, The Man Of God Give a Prophecy That There Is a Young Man On The Zoom, The Have Already Share You Meat In The Spirit Realm It Can Only Take The Grace Of God To Gather The Meat, And You Are On The Bed Immediately The Young Man Cried Out That The Man Of God Should Pray For Him, The Young Man Say That He Was Feeling Feverish lost Of Straight, Also His Eye Was Like Fire That All of a Sudden He Feel Like Vomiting He Went To The Rest Room To Vomit In The Sink As He Was Vomiting He Was Also Vomiting Blood, That Blood Was All Over The Place. He Collapse And Was Rush To The Hospital That The Man Of God Should Pray For Him, The Man Of God Told He That They Have Already Kill Him, The Man Confirm It That His Seeing a Death Person In The Dream That Before The Problem Started He Always See Himself In The Grave Yard Inside Coffin. Them The Man Of God Instructed He To Starch His Hand And The Man Of God Prayed For Him Immediately He Was Delivered From That Spirit Of Death. The Next Day He Was Discharged From The Hospital. Glory Be To God .

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