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On the 8th of January 2023, the man of God prophesied about what is going to happen in Nigeria this year 2023. These were his words…..

“I gave a prophecy on the 31st Night just one prophecy, I said you will hear the rest on Sunday Service, this season we are is a perilous time, it is written in the realm of the spirit.”

“This year is a year to humble the mighty, the proud, the arrogant, the Lord said he will bring the mighty down, then he will bring the poor and lift them up. It’s a message I’m just a servant”


“It will start from even from the people you know, people that so much trust on their wealth, the Lord said he will humble them the way he humbled Nebuchadnezzar. What does this mean? because that word is pregnant “TO HUMBLE THE MIGHTY” It can come as a form of sickness where the mighty will be in one place. They will even prefer to die than to begin to suffer in one place.”

“Everybody must honor God, only God, don’t be surprised that the people you know before to be at the top even in politics will go down.”

“The problem Nigeria is going through will soon be over, there will be peace. The lord said those who want trouble will see trouble but Nigeria itself will remain. The cloud, , the thick cloud that was covering Nigeria I see it the darkness wiping out gradually and when I looked beyond I saw a new Nigeria where people will come to this nation to invest because it will become so peaceful. The Lord said he will bring the mighty down and establish his throne. God loves this country. This is the voice of the Lord.”

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