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There are three things that will stand in this end time they are Faith, Hope and love, the greatest is love. A Christian is known by his love, if you say you are a Christian you are known by your love, the love you show to others is the love you show to God. if you love God that you cannot see with your eyes and you do not love your follow brothers and sisters, your love is fake.

Love must be demonstrated even when it is convenient and when it is not convenient. love is patient, love hope for the best which is yet to come, love is the greatest of all Christian virtues, even if you fast, dance and you do not love your fellow brother you are only acting drama.

This love is what God demonstrated to us by sending his only son Jesus to die for us, even when we were yet sinners he loved us, that is why he sent his only son to come and take our place of sin and give his righteous life . if we say we love God we must also love our brothers and sisters.

Love does not kill, Love does not destroy, love is humble, love is sincere, love gives, love always make peace, love put others first, love want others to be comfortable. When we walk in love as Christian we are demonstrating the very life and nature of God because God himself is love. You cannot know God deeply without you walking in love.


Your neighbor is your brother and sister you can see now, your neighbor is not a spirit they are those you can see. our enemy does not have flesh and blood, we are battling with spiritual entity that cannot be seen with our eyes. It is unfortunate today that so many people have allowed the devil to possess their heart and body and use them against their fellow brothers but our major enemy is the devil. So many have been sent to early grave because they make their selves available for satan to use.

LUKE 8:17-18 Amend your life now because God loves you, he quickly rebukes you because he love you, open rebuke is better than secret love. If God be for you just keep doing good. Love is a threat to the kingdom of darkness. Your good cannot be hidden but your bad character can destroy your future be wise


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