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On the 31st December 2022 During the cross over candle night service, the man of God gave a prophecy concerning the Nigerian Presidential election. In his exact words he said,

“The coming election is a battle between the poor and the rich, this is how it is in the realm of the spirit, God said he has given second chance and grace to the poor to the poor to make a decision. If you miss this one, it will take years to build back. The wind will blow and that wind is from God and it’s a wind of change, but Nigeria has a lot to do.”

“The problem Nigeria is going through will soon be over only if Nigeria will make a good choice because it is a battle between the rich and the poor. The poor can make their money to become useless in their hands and make a good choice to enjoy at last.

If Nigerians take their peanuts, they will suffer for years not only eight years, it will be times four of the present suffering. The battle that is on now is between the rich and the poor but the poor has the power to change it. And if they change it, And if they change it, I am seeing somebody win the election very clear but they will fight to collect it but what happened before the issue of end SARS, it will be times two of that. This is the word of the Lord.

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