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During the Sunday live service, the man of God, Apostle Prince Ikharebhore was educating the viewers and partners all over the world on the need to show love to other, we ought to spend more on others and less on ourselves, Still speaking he called out a man , Deacon Odion, he was an old member of the church, the man of God stated how this man has been faithful since he started this ministry and he has been an old member of the ministry right from the old site, the little beginning of his ministry.

Apostle Prince Ikharebhore stated that he would bless the man with a whooping one million naira amidst clapping and cheering he added another one million naira to it and asked Deacon Odion to go and get a new car, one of the partners in the congregation also stood up and added another one million naira to it

He came back after acquiring a new car to testify the goodness of God in his life and family

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